Gary Sze Kong

Sir Gary Sze Kong
President and Founder

Sir Gary Sze Kong, J.D. is a very successful self-made real estate mogul and philanthropist who has dedicated the majority of his life in creating a better future for various individuals and organizations around the globe including himself. He was born in Fujian, China, but attended school in Hong Kong until the age of 16, when he ultimately immigrated to the United States on his own. Sir Gary Kong was given a visa to go to Guatemala. This is where he decided he was not going back to poverty in China. Sir Gary Kong, at the time, had to make a decision, move forward to America and push through alone, or turn back. That’s when he swam through the waters to get to Mexico. Once getting through Mexico, he found passage to America. Once he arrived in the States, he took a job as a dishwasher at the young age of only 16. Soon after his first year of being homeless, alone and poor, He decided that this is not how he wanted to live for the rest of his life. Sir Gary started saving his money and bought his first property at 18. Sir, Gary Kong knowing hard work and purposeful devotion were always among his greatest internal strengths as he determinedly integrated himself into a totally different environment.  Starting from the New York University Stern School of Business, he went on to graduate with a Bachelor of Laws, Master of Laws, and ultimately a Juris Doctor from the Law School of Southwest International University.

Sir Gary Sze Kong has inspirationally paved his way to success by working hard and diligent as a determined, yet humble, purposefully compassionate Chinese immigrant who did all this who didn’t speak any English when coming into America with no real skill set and no money or family to help him. His strong appreciation for living in the Land of Opportunity prevented him from ever taking anything or anyone for granted. He believes that anybody who works hard in the United States can achieve great things. “The American Dream” for Gary, is not just a saying but what he STANDS by, and LIVES by.  Becoming an American Citizen and business man was really truly a dream come true.

Sir Gary Kong is not only successful but is a very giving man. He has employed hundreds of people since he has been in the United States, with similar backgrounds, someone who “needed a break” “people who work hard” who are “loyal and trustworthy”. This is his way of giving back to all communities.  He really enjoys giving back to the community that was so good to him. Today Sir Gary Kong sits on many different boards, including Sino American Brooklyn New York Archway Association. He belongs to the Empire Club at the prestigious members only “The Harvard Club in New York City”. Even though he continues to develop and re-invent himself, he will always stay humble and remember where he came from.

Sir Gary Kong also remembers his own country by supporting The First Lady of Mongolia and Vajra Dharma King of Peace with their foundation. His way of giving back is by helping the women of Mongolia with equal rights by donating money, travel expenses and bringing fourth other business leaders to support their foundation called “The Vajra Dharma King Peace foundation”

In 2013, Gary wanted to become one of the first Chinese Immigrants to be a founder and president of his own Vineyard in the United States. His interest in being recognized as one of the first to do so is what motivated him to call his signature Cabernet wine, “The 1 Wine,” which earned a score of 92 points on a review by James Sucking. Just a few years later, Sir Gary launched a brand of unique flavored beers called, “Classic New York Beer.” One of his most popular flavors, “Spicy,” actually tastes like a spicy margarita. The beers are made of all natural and fresh ingredients, including garlic, hot peppers, and ginger. The brand is made up of many flavors, such as “Creamy,” “Bock,” “Ice,” “Blueberry,” and “Apple.” He ultimately opened up a wholesale business where he would sell his wine, beer, and other spirits in Freeport, Long Island and Inwood, Suffolk County.

Sir Gary Kong, came to this country as a poor immigrant with no skills, just the understanding, and belief in himself and this country! Today Sir Gary will continue to push the envelope to become recognized as an immigrant with dream who became a American Citizen for believing in The American Dream!


Sir Gary Sze Kong Awards

Sir Gary Sze Kong has won many awards including:

  • 2014 “Outstanding Community Service Award, which was prestigiously presented to him by former President of the United States, Barak Obama
  • 2014 “The Ellis Island Medals Honors Award” by Congress for his contributions in diversifying communities
  • 2015 “Outstanding Entrepreneur Award” in New York from the Ming Pao Newspaper
  • 2016 “The One World for Life Global Initiative” hearby appoint Gary Sze Kong The position of General Consultant, for One World for life
  • 2016 “The Wall Street top 50 Asian Entrepreneurs Awards of the Year”
  • 2016 “The Platinum Sponsorship Award” The Given by the New York Asian American
  • Realtors association for The 1 Wine.
  • 2017 “Incredible Journey Award” from CCTV, “Central Chinese Television”.
  • 2018 Mr. Kong was recognized by Chancellor Grand Master MC Granted Gary Sze Kong the ”Nobel Chivalry Rank Of, “Knight of Winery Excellence” signed sealed in Monte Carlo, Principality of Monaco and Tokyo Japan
  • 2018 Gary Sze Kong was given a “Citation” by Eric L. Adams the President of the Bough of Brooklyn for his outstanding contributions and achievements in the Borough of Brooklyn.
  • 2018 New York State Order of Police Proudly Presents Gary Kong in “Recognition and appreciation of his generous and continuing support to the New York State Law enforcement community”. Award given by the president Mike Essig
  • 2018 “Outstanding Community Service Award”, which was recently given to him by the current President, “Donald Trump”.
  • 2018 Mr. Kong received the “Fraternal Order of Police Award” from the National Police and Veterans community.
  • 2018 “Outstanding Entrepreneurs” awarded by City Gala


About Sir Gary Kong and the journey of The 1 Wine with awards

Since Sir Gary Kong started  The 1 Wine it has been served in some of the most prestigious events including, a multiple congressional affairs, even sponsoring events for our President “Donald Trump’s” Since 2017 The 1 Wine has also served as the exclusive wine for “State Banquets” in Beijing China and received an award for having produced an outstanding wine.

In 2018 Sir Gary Kong produced a Gala for The 1 Wine called Classic New York Gala hosted by Mario Lopez with over 700 people in attendance, with celebrities, and some major press outlets.

In 2018, Sir Gary produced an event with over 600 people for a holiday Christmas party with Football player, Chris Canty.

In February of 2019, The 1 Wine sponsored all of New York hottest Fashion Shows and after parties. Including Nolcha, Small Boutique Fashion Show Zang Toi, plus others.

In February of 2019 The 1 Wine sponsored and supported The John Starks Foundation, with athlete Charles Oakley, Metta World Peace, John Starks plus many others.

In February of 2019, The 1 Wine sponsored and produced The “China Hollywood Night”, with Designer Sue Wong, along with notable celebrities, such as Larry Namer Founder and President of the E Channel, Billy Zane from Titanic, David O’Hara, From Braveheart, Lisa Lu, Crazy Rich Asians, plus many more.