The future of The 1 Wine looks brighter than ever, and the story continues to unfold at the present moment.

Elegance, excellence, and a passion to produce the most exquisite wines separate The 1 from the rest.

What separates us apart of others is we use green technology to grow grapes and apply green manure to maintain harmony between the vineyard and the surroundings while preserving the taste. This allows the soil and the earthy characteristics to be incorporated into every drop of wine to form our wines in a unique way of the taste.

Anxious to combine tradition with progress, we have recently modernized the chaise, which now include a vat-room completely equipped in stainless steel, with adjustable temperature controls. We have a wide variety of wines for you, and we are the top winery from LODI, California -The 1 Wine. The 1 Wines are a range of intensely mixed unique flavored wines fused with locally sourced ingredients, giving our wines a unique taste.

Experience the The 1 Wine. Join us at our next wine tasting event and enjoy a great time with entrepreneurial spirit and visionary Gary Kong.